Name Change Process

What’s in a name? In the United States your legal name is your identity. Your legal name is required to be used on all official documents such as your driver’s license, your marriage license, or for a professional license. For a variety of reasons you may wish to change your legal name. In the State of New York you have the right to legally change your name; however, the proper procedure must be followed for the law to recognize your new name.

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New York Law

Sections 60-65 of the New York State Civil Rights Act provide you with the right to change your legal name in New York. You are not required to provide a reason why you wish to change your name when you apply; however, under most circumstances you will need to publish your name change in the newspaper as well as notify certain people and agencies of the change.

Safety Issues

As a general rule the entire name change process is a matter of public record. If, however, you are requesting a name change because your safety is in danger the court has the authority to “seal” your application for name change. If the court seals your application and later determines that there is, indeed, a safety issue the publication requirement will also be waived. For example, if you have been the victim of abuse or stalking and you are requesting a name change to escape from the abuser or stalker the court can seal your application and waive the publication requirement once the name change is ordered.

To legally change your name in New York you must petition a court. Once the required documents have been submitted to the court a judge will review them. If the request is approved the court will issue an order reflecting your new name. You must them publish the order in a local newspaper. The judge may also order you to notify people such as an ex-spouse or agencies such as the Social Security Administration.

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