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Making sense of the different types of power of attorneys

Having kids, building an investment or asset portfolio, living life on the edge or aging are all important reasons to begin the estate planning process. People who have a will, health care proxy and powers of attorney in place will rest easy knowing that those who love them the most will be empowered to make decisions for them should the unexpected occur and they're unable to do so themselves.

As for a power of attorney (POA), it can be utilized to give another individual the authority to make certain decisions if you're unable to do so yourself. Each can be invoked in a pre-determined circumstance, is enforceable for a certain period of time and designates a certain condition you must be in for a pre-determined individual to step in and make a decision for you.

Prevent child car accident deaths in New York

As a parent of a young child in New York, you want to protect your child against the chance that he or she will be injured or killed. Most parents will, therefore, strive to keep their children healthy with an excellent diet, make sure they go for regular checkups to the doctor and so forth.

However, did you know that the leading cause of death for children in the United States is car accidents?

Female amputee struck by train sues New York's Transit Authority

A young Brazilian woman has filed a lawsuit against New York's Metro Transit Authority (MTA) for undisclosed damages. The architecture student, now 21, alleges that the regulator's failure to install barriers along its subway platforms has led to countless individuals either dying or suffering significant injuries that have greatly derailed their career plans.

The plaintiff in this case had just finished visiting a Brooklyn Target store with her boyfriend at around 7:00 p.m. in August of 2016 when they decided to head home. As they awaited for their train to arrive along the platform at the Atlantic Avenue station, the plaintiff reportedly fainted.

Slip-and-fall accidents – what it takes to prove fault

Slipping and falling is a common type of accident that often results in serious injuries. From concussions to broken bones, people can easily end up with high medical expenses after such a mishap. But when this happens, whose fault is it? Is it your fault because you were not paying enough attention or was it your favorite New York supermarket's fault for not putting out a caution sign about the wet floor?

Proving a slip-and-fall claim can be very difficult. Certain conditions have to exist in order for you to be successful in winning your case. Read further for more information on proving a slip-and-fall claim.

Bike fatalities declining in New York despite no dedicated lanes

New York City has seen a significant increase in bicycle riders from 2005 until today. In 2005, there were just 170,000 people that were reported to ride bikes in the city. Today, with all the bike rental options that exist throughout the city, there are some estimates that there are 450,000. This equates to one in every five commuters citywide.

With the uptick in bike riders in the city, it's caused a bit of concern among area residents and community leaders alike. Many report that bicyclists not only run red lights, but speed, get distracted on their phones with calls and texts, drive the wrong way down streets or to drive up on sidewalks alongside pedestrians.

Use these tips to save your back while lifting

Can you think of a day where you did not lift even a single item? Probably not. Think about all the different things you lift while on a job site. From heavy bags of cement mix for smaller jobs to almost too-big-to-handle building materials and even your tool belt, you are continuously lifting objects throughout your workday.

Like many people, you probably try to be more careful lifting large and heavy items than you do with those smaller and lighter objects. Even bending down to pick up a single tool can lead to a back injury if you do not do it just right.

What are health care proxies and what duties do they have?

Minor children enjoy the benefit of having parents that reserve the legal right to make medical decisions on their behalf. Once that individual turns 18, though, the ability to decide what is right for his or her health becomes solely his or her own.

It's when an individual hits adulthood that the New York State Health Department suggests that it's important for him or her to appoint a health care proxy. It's this person that will be given the authority to make medical decisions for another should he or she become incapacitated and unable do so on his or her own.

A 4-car crash claims the lives of 2, injures 7 in Queens

A multi-car crash, which occurred near the intersection of Queen's Grand Central Parkway and 188 St., claimed the lives of two and injured as many as seven on Sunday, July 16, 2017. The Jamaica Estates accident, which occurred just after 6:30 a.m., is believed to have been caused by a 33-year-old suspected drunk driver from New Jersey, a man that police took into custody at the crash scene.

Witnesses to the accident reported having seen the New Jersey man attempt to accelerate his vehicle past another car driving alongside him as he drove in the westbound direction shortly before the accident occurred. As he attempted to do so, he lost control of his SUV, a 2014 BMW.

Bitten by a dog? Here's 3 steps to take immediately

Anyone can get hurt, even if they're only sitting around outside. The truth is that there are many hazards in the world, one of which is found in many homes around America. That particular hazard is man's best friend, the dog. While the majority of pet dogs are friendly and loving, that doesn't mean that they all are. That's a problem, especially if one gets loose.

Imagine standing in your yard one minute, watering your flowers and minding your own business. The next minute, you're fighting off a large dog that decided you were threatening because of the hose your were holding. You didn't do anything to provoke an attack. The dog simply felt threatened.

Same-sex couples and their rights in the estate planning process

While many couples rely on estate planning as a way to ensure that one spouse's assets will end up in the other's possession upon their death, same-sex couples are unfortunately not afforded those same guarantees. Despite marriage equality laws that have been implemented in recent years, the transfer of one spouse's estate to their same-sex partner requires the advance signing of directives to ensure that it proceeds smoothly.

For starters, while same-sex marriage was ruled legal by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015, discrepancies between federal and state laws complicated how relationships ultimately got classified.