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Protecting Your Freedom And Your Reputation If You Face Criminal Charges

Being arrested is a scary proposition. For many people, the idea of being charged, convicted and/or incarcerated as a result of a criminal offense is overwhelming. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side through the process can provide peace of mind during what is often a difficult process.

At our law firm, Simon & Gilman, LLP, we have a wide range of experience defending people in Queens and the New York metropolitan area against all types of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to serious felonies. Having a tough, no-nonsense lawyer working with you from the beginning of your legal troubles can be a big benefit when it comes to the resolution of your case.

I’ve Been Arrested — What Should I Do?

Many of our clients have little or no experience with the criminal justice system. Whether you have been picked up for shoplifting or have been arrested on a DUI/DWI charge, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. There are many steps that you must follow as your case progresses. Our attorneys will ensure you meet all your obligations — from surrendering to the authorities, through your arraignment and the resolution of your case — and make sure that your rights are upheld throughout the process.

If you are facing criminal charges in New York, please contact our office as soon as possible. Call us at 800-672-4029 for a free consultation about your case. You can also fill out and submit our online form to be contacted by our firm.

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