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Don't Leave Your Child Custody Disputes To Just Anyone

The most important outcome of a divorce is the child custody agreement. For many married people, ensuring that they retain joint legal custody of their children is the top priority in a divorce. This is true regardless of how contentious the split is; making an agreement official is a must, no matter how friendly or unfriendly a divorcing couple may be.

During this time of family transition, you are best served by having an experienced child custody attorney working to protect your and your children's interests. At our Queens and the New York Metropolitan Area law firm, Simon & Gilman, LLP, we understand how significant and emotional the child custody process is, and we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Work Toward A Custody Designation That Is Appropriate For You

Not all custody designations are created equal. Physical custody refers to where a child physically is; parents often have joint custody, where they share parenting duties, or one parent may have sole custody.

In the latter case, the other parent may have visitation rights, entitling him or her to spend time on occasion with the children, though not to house them.

Legal custody refers to the ability to make life choices on behalf of the children such as their religion or schooling. This also might be shared or held by one parent alone.

The best interests of a child are always the top concern in New York family law cases. The lawyers at Simon & Gilman, LLP, will work to integrate those interests with those of their clients as successfully as possible.

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