Child Support Attorneys In The New York Metropolitan Area

Don't Overlook The Financial Aspect Of Divorce

When a couple in New York gets divorced, the end of their marriage does not automatically put an end to the couple's interaction with one another. In the case of child custody, for example, parents may have to coordinate drop-off and pickup times from school or day care.

There may also be a financial relationship still in place. For formerly married couples, child support and spousal support — also known as spousal maintenance or alimony — are a reality as well. At Simon & Gilman, LLP, our attorneys treat these aspects of family law with sensitivity and respect on behalf of their clients.

The idea behind this type of post-marital financial support is to ensure that the needs of children and divorced spouses are met. In the case of alimony, the support might be temporary, perhaps lasting only until the recipient receives job training or completes a college degree, or it might be intended to last longer.

Child Support Could Be More Flexible Than You Realize

A common misconception about child support is that it cannot be modified under any circumstances. However, life events, such as a layoff or cross-country move, might cause a person's income to change significantly, requiring a change to the arrangement.

An experienced child support attorney, such as the lawyers at our firm, can help people to come to a logical, fair agreement when circumstances warrant a change. To learn more about the services we provide at our Queens and the New York Metropolitan Area office, complete our online contact form or call us at 718-459-6200 or 718-267-8542 to schedule your free consultation.

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