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Bicyclists line 43rd Avenue demanding bike lanes, get struck down

On Wednesday, June 6, countless bicyclists lined the bike lane nearby the intersection of 39th Street and 43rd Avenue in the Sunnyside. They did so in hopes of reminding Queens Community Board members of the importance of protecting bicyclists. The location the advocates selected to quietly protest from happens to the same stretch of roadway where a local resident was mowed down by a driver while on his bike last year.

The bicycle safety advocacy group Transportation Alternatives was responsible for organizing the many area residents that showed up to form that evening's "human-protected bike lane" nearby 3809 43rd Avenue. They decided to stand along the edge of the roadway to highlight just how potentially dangerous it is for bikers and vehicles to share lanes.

After a fall from a height, what injuries can you expect?

Falling from a height puts a person at risk of multiple injuries. Some common injuries caused by falls include broken bones and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). From lacerations to bruising, the risks associated with a long fall can be extensive.

The important thing to keep in mind is that employers should take time to address the risk of falls in the workplace. Falls are devastating to employees and put employers at risks of fines and other penalties.

What are the responsibilities of an executor of a will?

When many people think about drafting a will, they often think that the process involves simply taking their assets that they intend for their loved ones to inherit and writing them down alongside the names of the individuals that they want them to go to.

It's only when they head to an estate planning attorney's office that many clients find out that they have to appoint an executor to administer their estate. Once they learn this, it's oftentimes not the easiest decision to decide who to appoint to this role. Instead, it's one that must be carefully made, especially given the multitude of responsibilities that this person has to take on once the person writing the will, the testator, passes on.

How to prove that negligent security resulted in your injuries

If you go into the grocery store, bank or public places nowadays, you'll often see an armed guard working either inside or outside of the establishment. If you're wondering why there's been an uptick in the number of businesses using security in recent years, it has a lot to do with companies' fears of being sued.

Written into virtually every jurisdiction's laws is a property owner's obligation to do what's reasonable to keep its employees, tenants and customers away from potential harm.

The number of Queens motorists injured in car crashes is shocking

A recent City of New York Police Department (NYPD) report shows that during April of 2018, at least 17,893 motor vehicle collisions occurred citywide. Data compiled by the department shows that 35,611 drivers and 1,452 passengers had their lives impacted by these crashes. Another 290 bicyclists and 719 pedestrians were involved as well.

Of the aforementioned crashes, the data shows that 5,192 of them occurred in Queens. At least 1,023 of the accidents resulted in injuries. Another four resulted in deaths, three of which involved pedestrians being struck and killed.

A Queens doctor admits his negligence caused a patient's death

A 55-year-old Great Neck physician admitted that his negligence resulted in the death of a 30-year-old abortion patient just moments before the jury was set to announce their verdict in his Queens Supreme Court criminal case.

The trial had dragged on for more than a month at the time of his admission of guilt to criminally negligent homicide.

How to prevent a pedestrian accident: Knowledge is power

As a pedestrian, you always need to think about your safety. This is particularly true when you're walking, jogging or biking in close proximity to motor vehicles (such as in New York City).

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to remain safe. Here are some of the things you can personally do to prevent a pedestrian accident:

  • Cross the road at designated crosswalks
  • Don't enter the road until the "walk" symbol tells you it's okay to do so
  • Never dart into traffic
  • Make eye contact with drivers, such as those waiting at a red light as you're crossing
  • Don't fall prey to distractions, such as listening to your favorite tunes or texting

These tips can keep bicycle commuters remain safe

Like many, you may realize that commuting by bicycle is one of the better ways to save both time and money. Not to mention the fact that this can provide you with a high level of exercise as well doing your piece to eliminate auto emissions that pollute the air, should driving be your primary alternative.

One of the chief concerns of bicycle commuters is the risk of an accident with a motor vehicle.

What estate planning documents are essential to have drafted?

Our lives are not infinite. They can end unexpectedly in a mere instant. Unless we have certain end-of-life documents properly executed and easily accessible by our family members, our loss may not only result in creating an emotional void in our loved one's lives, but a financial one as well.

When many individuals think of estate planning, they often don't think they have the requisite wealth or portfolio of assets necessary to need to plan for what happens after they're gone.

Who can you sue for New York subway stop injuries?

There are plenty of potentially dangerous situations that exist at New York subway stations that can cause someone to suffer an injury.

You may fall down the stairs as you head underground to your stop. You may slip and fall on the platform or be pushed onto the tracks by someone else. A body part may get stuck in the subway doors or you may be assaulted while riding the train.