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What Are Some Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in Queens?

In the United States we rely heavily on tractor-trailers to move goods and materials across the city, state or country. Though we rely on these giants of the roadway we are also fearful of them -- and with good reason. A collision with a semi-truck can be catastrophic for the occupants of a passenger vehicle. Although each accident is unique, there are some common causes of trucking accidents.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in Queens

  • Distracted Driving -- in the 21st century, distracted driving is a significant problem on the nation's roadways because of the increased use of handheld electronic devices. Federal law prohibits truck drivers from texting while driving; however, that does not ensure compliance with the law. Truckers may also be distracted by GPS devices, phone calls, or even a passenger in the cab.
  • Drowsy Driving -- truck drivers work long hours driving. Fatigue is a common occurrence and a frequent contributor to collisions. Studies show that a driver who is operating without enough sleep can be as dangerous as a drunk driver to others on the roadway.
  • Impaired Driving -- though wrecks caused by drinking and driving have decreased in recent years they still occur. Tractor-trailers drivers, however, are even more likely to be driving under the influence of drugs - legal or illegal. Even prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication can have side-effects that can contribute to a collision.
  • Speed/Reckless Driving -- speed is a contributor in almost one in three motor vehicle collisions on the nation's roadways each year. Semis often speed or engage in reckless driving behaviors because they are trying to keep to virtually impossible delivery schedules.
  • Equipment Defects -- though federal law requires truck drivers to perform regular checks of their vehicles, many do not. A relatively minor equipment malfunction on an 80,000 pound vehicle can be deadly.

Regardless of the cause of a trucking accident the end result can be serious, even deadly. Although large trucks represent just four percent of the registered vehicles in the United States they are involved in just over 10 percent of all collisions each year. If you have been involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle in Queens or the greater metropolitan New York area, you need to consult with the attorneys at SIMON & GILMAN, LLP, experienced Queens trucking accident attorneys, right away to determine and assess the legal options you may have as a victim.

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