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Slip and Fall Accident in Queens: Steps to Take If You Are Involved in an Accident

A Queens, New York slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, to anybody, at any time. These types of accidents can involve slipping, tripping, stumbling, or falling and can cause very serious, even life-threatening, injuries to the victim. Slipping on an ice covered sidewalk, for example, can cause the victim to hit his or her head on the concrete sidewalk, an injury that can be fatal if not treated immediately. While not all slip and fall injuries are as serious as a traumatic brain injury, any injury should receive the proper medical attention immediately following the accident. Every slip and fall injury is unique; however, the following steps should be taken following any Queens slip and fall accident:

  1. Notify someone in charge. Many slip and fall accidents occur at a business or in a public place. Unless your injuries prevent you from doing so, notify the owner of the premises, a manager, or someone in charge so the accident is documented. Be sure to get the individual's name and contact information.
  2. Obtain witness information if possible. If there were witnesses to the accident, and you are able to do so, get the witnesses names and contact information.
  3. Seek medical attention. Go to the emergency room and have a thorough examination done as soon after the accident as possible. This accomplishes two things. First, it ensures that any serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, are caught in time to prevent further damage. Second, it creates a record that links your injuries to the accident which may be essential down the road if you file a personal injury lawsuit.
  4. Follow up with medical treatment. Don't stop with an examination. Follow the doctor's recommendations for further treatment to prevent your injuries from getting worse.
  5. Do not speak to insurance company for at-fault party. If the owner of the property, an insurance company adjuster, or anyone associated with the premises where the accident occurred attempts to contact you do not speak to them until you have consulted with a New York slip and fall attorney first, such as the attorneys at Simon & Gilman, LLP.
  6. Contact a New York personal injury attorney. Not all slip and fall accidents are compensable; however, yours may be. Only an experienced attorney can evaluate the facts and circumstances of your accident and provide you with an opinion. Don't wait to contact an attorney. Important evidence, such as a video of the accident, could be destroyed, lost, or taped over if you wait too long to consult an attorney.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Queens, New York, contact the experienced personal injury  attorneys at SIMON & GILMAN, LLP right away to determine and assess your rights and claims. Simon & Gilman, LLP has been protecting victims of personal injury accidents for over 35 years.

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