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July 2015 Archives

Are you among the nearly 10 percent of New York City drivers who run red lights?

Imagine that you're driving down Queens Boulevard when you come to a traffic light. As you approach the light it turns yellow and then red and you stop. The vehicle next to you, however, does not stop. As the car zooms through the intersection, it's broadsided by a delivery truck whose driver had a green light.

Bus drivers fight for exemption from New York City's Right of Way law

On any given day in New York City, the streets and sidewalks are teaming with taxi cabs, cars, delivery trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. When the paths of motor vehicles intersect with those of pedestrians, to ensure for everyone's safety, all involved parties must abide by traffic laws. Yet, many drivers continually fail to yield the right of way to pedestrians and annually an estimated 4,500 pedestrians are injured or killed as a result.