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September 2015 Archives

City duck tour bus involved in fatal crash

New York residents who have ever taken a trip to Seattle may remember seeing the Ride the Ducks tours. The amphibious vehicles provide tours of the city by land and water. On Sept. 24, a duck tour vehicle was involved in a crash that left four people dead and 15 people in critical condition. In addition to the duck tour vehicle, the fatal accident involved a charter bus and two cars.

Some injuries cause symptoms days later

People in New York who are in motor vehicle accidents may feel fine immediately after the incident and then develop delayed symptoms of injuries several days later. For example, it is common for people with whiplash to suffer from numbness or neck and shoulder pain after a few days have passed. Numbness can also be a symptom of spinal column damage.

Drunk driving fatalities decline where Uber is widely adopted

When Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed limiting Uber services in New York City, he cited safety as a concern. Research coming out of Temple University, however, has actually revealed an association between Uber and a reduction in fatal drunk driving accidents.