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Some injuries cause symptoms days later

People in New York who are in motor vehicle accidents may feel fine immediately after the incident and then develop delayed symptoms of injuries several days later. For example, it is common for people with whiplash to suffer from numbness or neck and shoulder pain after a few days have passed. Numbness can also be a symptom of spinal column damage.

People should be aware of delayed symptoms that can indicate something more serious. For example, abdominal pain can indicate internal bleeding while headaches might point to a blood clot. Both of these are potentially fatal. Less seriously, back pain might also take several days to develop.

Psychological symptoms might be delayed as well. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be one complication of a traffic accident, and children might be particularly vulnerable. However, personality changes might also be the result of a traumatic brain injury.

Those who have been injured in car collisions might also struggle to get insurance companies to compensate them adequately. For example, in the event of delayed symptoms, insurance companies may try to argue that they are related to some cause other than the accident. Accordingly, injured victims may need assistance from medical providers to prove their case as well as legal assistance. In some cases, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. This might be the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident, but it may be other parties as well. If the driver was on duty for work at the time of the accident, the employer may be liable. A personal injury attorney will advise injured clients about whether a civil lawsuit is likely to be successful.

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