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Volvo claims 'fatality-proof' cars by 2020

New York motorists may have heard that Volvo has boldly declared that its vehicles will be death-proof by 2020. The Swedish automaker says that the advent of self-driving cars and other advanced vehicle technologies make such a promise possible.

Volvo has a long history of carefully tracking the number of people who are killed or injured while riding in its vehicles. It uses that data to improve the safety performance of its future models. Based on its data, the car manufacturer believes that a combination of all available safety features can soon be used to make auto fatalities a thing of the past. For example, adaptive cruise control maintains a preset maximum speed and also uses radar and computerized brakes to maintain a safe distance between vehicles. Full collision avoidance systems go a step further by taking control of the vehicle if a driver does not respond to an impending impact.

Lane assistance systems, which use cameras to keep a vehicle from drifting, are also becoming more common, and Volvo plans to put the cameras to even better use in the near future. The same cameras that keep a car in its lane will soon be able to scan for pedestrians and large objects close to the vehicle, automatically applying the vehicle's brakes when needed. Like Ford, Google and Tesla, Volvo is also testing a a self-driving car that will leave all driving decisions to an advanced computer system. The car company thinks this type of vehicle will be the safest on the road.

Despite many advancements in technology, car accidents cause thousands of serious injuries every year. A person who has been injured in a crash that was caused by another driver may wish to meet with an attorney to learn what options are available for seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.

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