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May 2016 Archives

Do I have to use a car seat in taxis in New York City?

Parents of children who are within the age brackets that require a car seat might be concerned about what they should do if they need to hail a taxi to get around in New York City. In short, you aren't required to put your baby, toddler or child in a car seat if you are using a taxi. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use a car seat in the taxi. In fact, you can install a car seat in a cab 2quickly so that your child can remain as safe as possible for the duration of the ride.

Rear-end collisions and teens: Study finds three common causes

A recent study, published in the Journal of Safety Research, focuses on the common causes of rear-end accidents involving teenage drivers. Researchers found that over 75 percent of these accidents were the result of distraction. The study included an analysis of over 400 rear-end accidents from 2007 to 2013, with a focus on drivers that range in age from 16 to 19.

Streets can be made safer for senior citizens

Pedestrian accidents involving both pedestrians and a vehicle can happen with pedestrians of all ages. Yet, one of the most vulnerable groups of pedestrians is senior citizens. Among other factors, senior citizens may be move more slowly across a crosswalk and have insufficient reaction time when a vehicle approaches them. For those reasons, New York has established a pedestrian safety initiative that that is specifically for senior citizens.

DWI, not the only drunk driving crime in New York

Getting pulled over and questioned for suspicion of drunk driving is stressful. Anyone in this situation probably has question after question running through their head. Questions like will I get a ticket? Will I go to jail? Will this affect my record? Will they take away my car?

Backseat passengers are at risk

While numerous improvements have been made in vehicle safety over recent decades, certain vehicle occupants will always face risks. Serious accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers will likely impact everyone in the car, but passengers in the backseat face a far greater risk for serious injuries - and even death.

What every New York resident should know about animal bites

Even in an urban setting like Queens, it is not uncommon for residents to encounter animals. They can be pets like cats and dogs or pests like rats and mice. Whatever the case, it is wise to be cautious around any animal that you are not already familiar with. Animal bites can cause not just immediate pain and injury, but also infection which can get worse if left unattended.

Slip-and-falls on construction sites

As spring is upon us - and summer is right around the corner - you can expect to see construction projects popping up on nearly every block. Whether it's a road construction project, a new building going up or a massive renovation, you can be sure that walking from place to place will quickly become cumbersome.

Stay safe during New York construction season

While most construction workers appreciate the warmer weather, it can be a sign of increased risk, as well. Warmer weather means more work and more income for most construction workers. However since construction work is one of the more dangerous occupations, increased work means an increased chance of suffering a serious construction accident.

The many layers of distracted driving

It is not uncommon for drivers to think they can "handle" distractions -- whether it is youthful confidence or a veteran driver's belief that their skill overshadows any possible danger. The reality, however, is that drivers of any age and skill level can be distracted by dozens of activities or events going on around them.