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June 2016 Archives

Drunk Driving Accidents in New York

While motor vehicle accidents can be caused by a wide range of factors, some of the deadliest crashes can be linked to the loss of attention or cognitive function. Whether impairment is caused by drugs or alcohol, drivers can experience slowed reaction times, blurred vision and even the loss of consciousness. Injuries to occupants of both vehicles can be long-lasting or life-threatening.

New York implements safety plan to help protect pedestrians

Being a pedestrian here in New York City can mean taking your life in your hands, as we all know. The same is true throughout the state. That's why Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced a new comprehensive pedestrian safety plan -- the New York State Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. It's the first of its kind in New York and is scheduled to run through the 2020 state fiscal year.

When is a lack of safety at a construction site criminal?

It is not surprising the some construction sites are safer than others. But just when does a lack of safety warrant criminal charges? A construction site boss in New York may soon provide the answer to this question. The man is facing manslaughter and other criminal charges after a worker fell six stories to his death.