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How can I safely use the subway?

Subway transportation is an inexpensive, quick, effective mode of travel in areas where it is offered, but there do remain some risks of personal injury or death to those who use subway stations improperly. What are some ways that you can minimize these risks and use subways more safely?

The vast majority of injuries that occur in relation to subways are the result of individuals who slip and fall on stairways when they are in a hurry and not using proper caution. It is much safer to slow down when using stairways and hold on to the handrail to help maintain stability.

Loading and unloading on subway platforms can also be frustrating and potentially dangerous. When waiting for a train to arrive, consider positioning yourself in the center of the platform instead of near one of the ends. This way, regardless of the time of day or how many cars the train is carrying, you can more easily enter. Once inside a train, especially when standing, always be sure to hold on for additional stability.

It may seem obvious, but it is extremely important to stand back from the edge of the subway platform -- even standing on the yellow line can be dangerous. In 2015, 172 people were injured in accidents involving contact with trains, and 50 of those incidents resulted in fatalities. The edge of the platform is always dangerous, but the tracks are even more so. If for any reason something is dropped onto the tracks, or you see someone engaging in risky behavior simply leave it there and alert station personnel or a police officer, who can help safely resolve the situation. Remember, it is crucial to your safety to NEVER go down onto the train tracks.

Even for those who are careful in the way they use subways, accidents still can happen. Injuries suffered from train-related accidents can always benefit from the guidance of experienced legal counsel to protect the rights of those affected and guide all parties to a fair resolution.

Source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority, "Riding Safely," accessed June 17, 2016

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