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New York court holds MTA responsible for slip-and-fall accident

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was found 100 percent liable for the slip-and-fall accident of a grandmother, according to a recent report by the New York Daily News.

The accident involved a 71 year-old Bronx woman who fell down the stairs at a station on Graham Avenue. The fall resulted in serious injuries including traumatic brain injury and a post-traumatic seizure disorder.

Holding responsible parties accountable: The woman sued the MTA

The grandmother took action against the responsible party by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

In these cases, the suit falls into an area of law referred to as premises liability. This niche of law covers slip-and-fall accidents like falling down stairs, slipping on liquid that was left on the floors of retail stores or tripping on poorly kept sidewalks.

Justice: Jury calls MTA to pay up

The jury found in favor of the injured party, issuing a verdict in favor of the grandmother and asking the MTA to pay 16 million dollars in damage awards.

The MTA appealed the award. Upon review, the appellate court offered the woman two options: retry the case or accept a lowered award amount. The woman accepted the lower award of five million dollars. This figure was based off of previous, similar cases.

Lessons for victims: Take injuries seriously

This case provides a number of lessons for victims of similar accidents. Although it was immediately apparent that the woman had serious injuries, the true extent of these injuries was not known for some time. The accident occurred in 2008, yet the woman continues to struggle with these injuries almost ten years later.

This example shows how important it is that victims take these injuries seriously. Hold responsible parties accountable. The bills associated with treating and rehabilitating injuries like this are high, those responsible should help cover these expenses.

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