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Have you been charged with drunk driving in New York?

Getting arrested and charged with drunk driving can be a very traumatic experience -- one that no one ever expects will happen to them. The situation usually happens something like the circumstance below.

First, you're enjoying yourself at a party, a bar or a social event with co-workers or friends. Then, it's time to go home and you take a moment to reflect on how much you drank and whether it's safe to drive. Next, you make the call that you feel sober and it's perfectly fine to drive home on your own accord.

As you're driving home, you suddenly see the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror, so you pull over. Next, the officer comes to speak with you, asks you to get out of the car and then starts to have you perform a number of sobriety tests. You walk the line, recite the alphabet backward, do the gaze test and then you have to blow into a Breathalyzer device. At this point, the officer tells you that you're under arrest for drunk driving, you're being put into handcuffs and then you're taken to the police station to get booked. We won't go into the experience of getting booked and what happens next. If you've ever been arrested, you probably don't want to remember that experience.

So, was your decision to drive a mistake? Was getting arrested a mistake? Were you sober enough to drive home? If you were pulled over and arrested, the arresting officer believed you did make a mistake and you were not sober enough to drive home. However, that doesn't mean the officer is right.

New York residents who were arrested for drunk driving can defend themselves against the charges in court. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, New Yorkers can try to get their charges dropped or dismissed, pursue a verdict of not guilty or seek lesser penalties in the event of a conviction.

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