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Humans resistant to car crash injuries might look like this

There are miraculously effective safety features that now come standard on many automobiles. These safety features -- like anti-lock brakes, airbags and more -- prevent countless deaths each year. However, what if the human body were upgraded to render these safety features unnecessary? How would our bodies need to be built to survive the extreme forces of a serious car collision?

There is no need to use one's imagination any longer. Several Australian visionaries recently came together to invent a life-size model of an imaginary man named "Graham," who might have evolved to live through a car crash. The team – which included a trauma surgeon, a road-safety expert and an artist – gave the "creature" some very interesting features, including:

-- An extra joint in his legs that help him jump away from cars when he is a pedestrian.

-- Mini airbags on his ribs to prevent broken ribs and lung punctures.

-- A huge and thick skull.

-- No nose, so it can't get broken and injure sinuses.

-- A knee joint that can bend in every which direction.

-- Thick and strong skin.

-- No neck.

-- A fatter and flatter face.

The model was made to wake people up to how vulnerable drivers, passengers and pedestrians are in car accident situations. By improving the awareness of human fragility, it is hoped that drivers will operate their vehicles with more care, attention to the laws and attentiveness than they would otherwise. Considering that the WHO reports annual car accident deaths well in excess of 1 million people annually, New York drivers should definitely be as careful as they can when operating their vehicles.

Unfortunately, there is no way to render driving and automobiles completely safe. There will always be the risk of death and injury by car accident no matter how diligent New York motorists are to follow the law and be attentive. That said, when it can be proved in court that the negligence of a driver resulted in the death or serious injury of another individual, those who have been negatively affected and/or harmed by the incident may have strong civil claims for justice and financial restitution.

Source: Medical Daily, "Buckle Up: Graham 'The Horrific Mannequin' Shows How Evolved Human Body Can Survive A Car Crash," Dana Dovey, July 25, 2016

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