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Premises liability claims in New York

Premises liability accidents can literally happen anytime and anywhere. There is no way to prepare for one because they happen right out of left field -- when we least expect them to. However, these unfortunate incidents can certainly be prevented by responsible property owners.

Some of the most common types of premises liability accidents include snow and ice that is allowed to thaw and refreeze over and over again on driveways and sidewalks. These can cause a vehicle to spin out of control and they can cause a pedestrian to fall and suffer serious injuries. Another type of accident involves broken stairs that are damaged and don't pass "code." Tripping on a stairway like this could result in disabling injuries. Then we have issues relating to frayed or torn carpets that can result in trips and falls.

Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to scan their properties and inspect them to reasonably ensure that hazards like the ones described above are fixed. If they neglect to make a reasonable effort to keep guests on their properties safe like this, they could be liable in court for the financial costs of their negligence. At Simon & Gilman, LLP, we help injured plaintiffs like this all the time.

For example, let's say a New York resident is walking home on a sidewalk and a loose piece of a building falls off and hits him on the head. There's just no way to predict these kinds of accidents. However, if it can be proved that the property owner was negligent for failing to fix the broken piece of building, then the injured individual can seek to recover the costs associated with his or her medical care, costs associated with time spent unable to work, and other expenses stemming from the accident.

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