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August 2016 Archives

Actor's death reminds us of fire escape dangers

Fire escapes have long represented not only a safety feature of tenement buildings for the purpose of exiting buildings in an emergency, but also an escape from the indoors, a place to cool off in the breeze, a bicycle storage area or even a place to keep perishable items in the wintertime. However, this romantic way of viewing fire escapes was recently put into perspective following the tragic death of 21-year-old actor Kyle Jean-Baptiste.

Are E-Cigs Dangerous For Truckers?

No matter if you are a long-haul driver or you operate a commercial delivery truck, staying attentive and engaged can be a challenge. However, from eating to talking on the phone, certain actions can be distracting and pull attention from the road. Now, research has shown that even the use of e-cigarettes can actually injure the driver and destroy the truck.

Does Queens need a pedestrian safety action plan?

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently published an action plan that outlines the need for updated safety plans for Queens. Pedestrian fatalities have increased as a share of total traffic fatalities in Queens, and lawmakers want to do everything they can to dramatically decrease these instances. In addition to pedestrian fatalities, they also want to make the roads safer for everyone who uses them -- be traveling by foot, car, motorcycle, scooter, skateboard or bicycle.

Road debris responsible for over 200,000 car crashes in U.S.

We've all been there. At one time or another we find ourselves driving down the highway only to notice a minivan or truck up ahead with a mattress or other piece of furniture haphazardly attached to the vehicle. It wobbles, it sways, and we do our best to get as far away from that vehicle as possible.

Window guards to prevent New York City child injuries

An open window is a disaster waiting to happen when young children are present in a New York City high-rise during the hot summer months. Each year, numerous children fall out of New York City windows. Some of those children are killed, and others are catastrophically injured.

Motorcycle accidents: Is lane splitting really safer?

It can be challenging to dispel rumors, myths and long-held beliefs about certain activities. This can be true of lawn care, child rearing or driving habits. Fortunately, there are skilled researchers willing to tackle controversial topics and shed scientific light on formerly held beliefs. Unfortunately, some results might be misleading when taken at face value.

DUI defense and the use of witnesses

Drivers in Queens face so many dangers every day on the roadway. Most of these dangers relate to the risk of getting into an accident and getting hurt. However, there is also the danger of getting inappropriately pulled over, arrested and falsely accused of a crime. This happens more than one might think and driving under the influence is one of the most frequent offenses that motorists are inappropriately accused of.

What are the three types of distracted driving?

Drivers often equate specific actions with distraction. For example, a driver might be eating and changing routes on her GPS system but truly not believe she was distracted because she wasn't talking on the phone. Likewise, another driver might be looking straight ahead, both hands on the steering wheel, but arguing with his three children in the backseat about what they will have for lunch. Is he distracted?