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December 2016 Archives

What should drivers know about pedestrians and crosswalks?

The most important thing for every driver to know about pedestrians and crosswalks is that -- if a pedestrian is inside a crosswalk or waiting to enter a crosswalk -- the driver needs to give the pedestrian the right of way. That means that drivers need to look out for pedestrians and slow for them in and around a crosswalk area.

How much is safe to drink before driving?

With Christmas only a few days away, a lot of seasonal partiers want to know how much is safe to drink before they get behind the wheel. However, the answer to this question will differ from person to person. It will also depend on how much food the person has in his or her system, the weight of the person, how much time was spent between drinks and the type of alcoholic beverage being consumed.

Did you slip and fall while shopping?

Elmhurst consumers visit many stores and businesses while running errands throughout the week. Let's say you're out shopping on a Saturday. You might get your nails and hair done in the morning at the beauty salon, then head to the mall to buy a cute dress for the date night you have later in the evening, since the kids are at their grandparents' house.

Doctor errors: What is failure to treat and erroneous treatment?

Medical malpractice claims in Queens, New York, can take a lot of different forms. One of the most common varieties of medical malpractice claims relates to failure to treat and erroneous treatment. Failure to treat and erroneous treatment might appear in a particular case at the same time, or a case might involve just one of them.

7 key risk factors for teen drivers

It's a commonly repeated refrain - teen drivers are among the most dangerous on the roads. It's why some parents are reluctant to let them get their driver's licenses, and why teens have to pay more for auto insurance. But it's important to look deeper than that, to understand why this demographic group of drivers are such a risk.

OSHA makes decision on walking surfaces and fall protection

In November, OSHA finally released an update to its standard that addresses walking/working surfaces, which will go into effect on Jan. 17, 2017. The agency anticipates that the new regulations will prevent up to 29 fatalities and more than 5,500 workplace injuries annually.

The most common product defect claims

Consumers in Queens, New York, go to the store and buy all types of products with full confidence that they can be safely used as they were intended. However, a lot of errors can be made during the design and manufacturing processes that can lead to dangerous products that can hurt and kill unsuspecting consumers. Whenever a consumer is hurt by a defective product like this, he or she may be able to file a product defect claim.

'Tis the season for crazy shopping crowds -- stay safe out there

While we've made it through the madness of Black Friday for this year, the crazy shopping season is long from over, and with it come some very specific increased risks. For us here in New York, sooner or later the snow that's been hanging out over Buffalo will drift our way and make the roads icier and more prone to accidents.

Nephew of Martin Scorsese accused of drunk driving

The 41-year-old nephew of enigmatic Hollywood film director Martin Scorsese has been arrested and accused of drunk driving. The incident happened in late November in Oakwood Heights. Frank Scorsese was pulled over by officers after they claim to have seen him swerving in traffic. Police further claim that the man drove up onto a sidewalk before they finally pulled him over at approximately 11 p.m.