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Construction workers: Be aware of these common accident types

As a construction worker, you enjoy the fast paced environment in which you work.

Unfortunately, you also know that danger can lurk around every corner. For this reason, you need to take steps in keeping yourself safe at all times.

There are many causes of construction injuries, making it a challenge to avoid trouble on a daily basis. For this reason, it's possible that you could be part of an accident that causes serious injury, such as a concussion or broken bone.

Below are several of the most common causes of construction site accidents:

1. Fall from height

A fall from height can lead to serious injury and even death. An example of this would be somebody who falls when working on a roof, scaffolding, or a ladder.

2. Falling objects

When construction workers are working at height, there is always the chance that they could drop something that hits a person standing below.

The size of the object, distance of the fall, and where it strikes the person has a lot to do with the type of injury. It's common for a falling object to strike a person in the head, thus causing a traumatic brain injury and/or spinal trauma.

3. Equipment accident

Construction sites are well known for the presence of heavy machine equipment. While this equipment goes a long way in improving efficiency and the final product, it can also be dangerous to operate.

An example of this is a forklift that tips over because the driver is not properly trained. When this happens, the driver, as well as others in the area, could suffer a serious injury.

4. Explosions and fire

It's not uncommon for a construction site to contain hazardous materials, such as flammable chemicals or exposed electrical wires.

Any type of fire or explosion has the potential to seriously injury anyone in close proximity.

Construction workers are responsible for taking steps toward remaining safe at all times. Of course, the same holds true for the companies that employ these workers.

If you're involved in a construction site accident, do the following:

  • Receive immediate medical attention.
  • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Follow the instructions of your medical team.

By taking these steps, you put yourself in position to make a full recovery. Also, this will allow you to consider your many options for receiving compensation for injuries suffered in the accident.

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