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Did you slip and fall while shopping?

Elmhurst consumers visit many stores and businesses while running errands throughout the week. Let's say you're out shopping on a Saturday. You might get your nails and hair done in the morning at the beauty salon, then head to the mall to buy a cute dress for the date night you have later in the evening, since the kids are at their grandparents' house.

Your last stop is at the grocery store. You want to stock up on wine, ice cream and the "boring" essentials that keep your family going throughout the week, but something tragic happens. It was the last thing you thought would occur.

Slip and fall accident can happen at any time

Not long after you walk into the grocery store, you step on a cucumber in the produce section and your life changes in an instant. You suffer a spinal fracture that will never fully heal. Welcome to a lifetime of pain and difficulty - one that prevents you from doing your normal job as a waitress, because you can't carry the trays anymore without sharp pain running down your spine like a lightning bolt. Your injury also comes with costly and unaffordable medical bills.

Time to investigate the specifics of what happened

In the state of New York, courts will look at the conditions of the private property where an injury occurred. In the case of this injured waitress, the court might agree that the grocery store was negligent in allowing a cucumber to remain on the produce floor. Or, maybe the produce area was organized in a way that facilitated cucumbers to fall.

In this case, it will be the plaintiff's job to show how the grocery store was negligent in allowing a dangerous or potentially dangerous condition to persist. Surveillance video footage may play an important role in this proving the plaintiff's case. Here are some additional factors that will be considered in a slip and fall accident case:

  • Under what circumstances did the plaintiff enter the property?
  • For what purpose was the property built?
  • Should the property owner or manager have known that the accident could happen?
  • Did the property owner take reasonable action to correct dangerous conditions and/or warn visitors of the persisting dangers?

How to file a premises liability claim after a slip and fall

Plaintiffs injured in a slip and fall event on private property may have strong claims to seek financial restitution and justice from the property owners. A personal injury lawyer that represents plaintiffs in slip and fall accident claims is a great place to start. A lawyer can evaluate the accident, injuries and circumstances surrounding them to determine whether a viable claim can be made.

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