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The most common product defect claims

Consumers in Queens, New York, go to the store and buy all types of products with full confidence that they can be safely used as they were intended. However, a lot of errors can be made during the design and manufacturing processes that can lead to dangerous products that can hurt and kill unsuspecting consumers. Whenever a consumer is hurt by a defective product like this, he or she may be able to file a product defect claim.

Let's take a look at three of the most common types of product defect claims:

-- Defects in design: A claim related to a defect in design has to do with the way the designers of a particular product neglected to consider and avoid factors that could make the product dangerous. For example, think of a bicycle with defective brakes that become non-functional in wet conditions. Bicyclists hurt by such brakes could have a viable claim for damages due to design flaws.

-- Defects in manufacturing: This kind of claim relates to errors made during the manufacturing process that result in a dangerous product. for example, imagine a car with an airbag inflator system that is at risk of exploding upon inflation and shooting hot metal shrapnel into the vehicle compartment. This is a real problem consumers are facing right now due to the defective Japanese-made Takata airbags installed in numerous vehicles. Injuries and death caused by these badly manufactured airbags have resulted in numerous lawsuits.

-- Defects in warnings: Sometimes a product could be perfectly safe when used a certain way. Or, the product might come with specific risks and dangers when used appropriately. Consumers need to be warned about these risks and failure to warn a consumer who got hurt by a particular product could result in the consumer being injured. Defects in warnings are a central part in many defective product claims.

New York residents hurt by defective products may have the ability to seek financial compensation by filing a personal injury case in civil court. A successfully navigated claim of this type could result in injured plaintiffs receiving money to pay for medical care, money to pay for time spent unable to work, compensation for pain and suffering and other categories of damages.

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