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January 2017 Archives

5 ways to stay safer as a pedestrian in New York

New York is an active state, and you're used to walking from place to place. Despite the fact that more pedestrians are on the roads, you still worry that you could be involved in an accident. As a parent with children, knowing that you could leave your kids behind if you're hit and killed is a horrible thought. How can you stay safer? Here are five tips to staying safe when you're a pedestrian.

Does your home health care employer have work comp insurance?

If you're a caregiver providing home health assistance, you have specific employment rights. Nevertheless, you could find yourself working in dangerous conditions, and you could find yourself getting hurt on the job. However, if you're working for a home health care company that isn't licensed or doesn't have liability insurance or workers' compensation insurance, you might be putting yourself at risk.

Construction work in New York plagued by accidents, deaths

Both 2015 and 2016 saw a large number of accidents and fatalities by construction workers in New York. In 2016 and 2015, there were at least 12 fatal accidents each year involving construction workers. There were also over four hundred construction site injuries in 2015, and nearly 600 in 2016.

4 things to know about the risk of amputation in the workplace

Going to work each day is a dangerous event for people who work near large machinery. If you are a laborer working near power tools and moving equipment daily, you are at risk of amputation of a body part. Employers should have appropriate safeguards in place to help prevents accidents like this from happening. Here are some important things that you should know your risk of amputation in the workplace.

Man accused of DWI purchases 900 copies of hometown paper

A man charged with DWI in Wayne County told arresting officers he didn't want his picture in the paper after getting accused of drunk driving. He ended up buying roughly 1,000 copies of the paper after news of his arrest was published, so he would be less exposed in the press. The arrested man serves as vice president of an insurance company, and has also worked in the banking industry.

Will my workers' compensation benefits be taxed?

Life should be as simple as going to work, earning a living and teaching your kids right from wrong, but it's not. Sure, the average New York hardhat might be able to live a simple life for a while, but if you suffer a serious workplace injury, it will teach you just how complicated things can get.

Child safety seat laws: Do you need a child seat in taxis?

United States researchers from the Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York say that small children in New York City commonly ride in taxis without a car safety seat. This is putting them at serious risk of injury, the researchers say, and those injuries could often be fatal.

3 ways to prevent falls in the construction industry

Many construction projects require workers to work from high places. Falls from these heights can be devastating. It is crucial that construction companies provide workers with the protections they need to help prevent falls on the construction site. It is equally as important for the workers to follow accepted and proven safety techniques as they work.

Dog bite prevention tips for dog owners

Even the nicest and smallest dogs can bite hard and cause serious injuries. Those bites can also get infected or leave disfiguring scars. Although you might think it was your dog's fault, or the fault of the person bit, in these situations, a New York court might think differently and hold you accountable for the dog bite victim's injuries.

Follow these tips to avoid a scaffolding accident

Some New York hardhats use scaffolding in construction sites as a regular part of their jobs. Many of these scaffoldings are multiple stories high, which means that a fall from the scaffolding can kill, or it could cause catastrophic injuries.