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Man accused of DWI purchases 900 copies of hometown paper

A man charged with DWI in Wayne County told arresting officers he didn't want his picture in the paper after getting accused of drunk driving. He ended up buying roughly 1,000 copies of the paper after news of his arrest was published, so he would be less exposed in the press. The arrested man serves as vice president of an insurance company, and has also worked in the banking industry.

Police arrested the 43-year-old Newark man in Palmyra on Route 31 late Thursday evening. According to the arresting officer, he was operating his vehicle erratically. Authorities say they gave him multiple sobriety tests, which he allegedly failed.

According to authorities, after arriving at the Lyons police station, the arrested man refused to provide a breath sample. Allegedly, he also refused to give his fingerprints or allow officers to photograph him. Police claim that the man was worried about having his photograph and information appear in the local paper. Police charged him with an additional offense related to the refusal, obstructing government administration.

Later, in Newark, store clerks claim they witnessed the man buying up hundreds of newspaper copies on the weekend. They say he must have purchased up to 1,000 copies from eight different places. At a cost of $1.25 a piece, the man may have spent as much as $1,125 buying the papers. Perhaps the uproar caused by purchasing the papers, brought even more attention to the man, as now additional news stories are being circulated about the man.

Unfortunately, those accused of DWI will face exposure to public scrutiny. However, it is vital to keep in mind the fact that no New York resident will be convicted or punished for a DWI offense until -- and only if -- they are found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

Source:, "Upstate NY man charged with DWI, buys 900 copies of hometown newspaper (reports)," Kira Maddox, Jan. 03, 2017

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