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February 2017 Archives

Dashboard cameras can help you after a car accident

As video cameras have become more precise, smaller and more affordable, people have begun integrating them into a number of locations to improve their safety, peace of mind and quality of life. One of the smartest places to put a camera is on the dashboard or rearview mirror of your vehicle. This ensures that you have accurate, indisputable footage of a traffic accident, should you become the victim of someone else's poor driving habits. If you are severely injured or need to go to court to recover your losses from the accident, the footage captured by your dashboard camera could be invaluable.

3 things to know about slip-and-fall accidents

Babies learning to walk fall a lot. Those little tykes usually don't suffer any lasting effects of those falls. As you get older, falls seem to become more dangerous. You can suffer from injuries that range from minor to life-threatening. Consider these three points after suffering from a fall injury.

Keep your parent safe - know the signs of elder abuse

The time finally came where your relationship with your mother had a role reversal. Now you are the one taking care of her. Unfortunately, you are not totally equipped to see to all of her needs. That is why you decided a nursing home was the best option. You got her moved in a month ago, but you are having doubts that it is a safe environment for her.

What is Lendra's law?

Leandra Rosado was a young girl who passed away in a drunk driving accident. In honor of the 11-year-old's passing, the New York State Legislature created Leandra's law and enacted it on Nov. 18, 2009. The law requires those who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

What will workers' comp cover after a construction accident?

No one plans to get hurt while working at a construction site. Most professionals in the construction industry take extra care to prevent accidents, falls and injuries. No matter how careful you are, however, it's possible for an injury to happen.

Who is liable when a dog bites your child?

New York has beautiful parks, ample sidewalks and myriad opportunities for your child to become the sudden victim of a dog bite attack. From animals running loose in the street to dogs off their leash in the park, it only takes a few seconds for something traumatic to happen.

Should I get a camera for my bicycle?

If you're a bicyclist in the New York City area, you know how dangerous it can be to navigate traffic. Indeed, whether you ride your bike to work every morning, or just enjoy a Sunday morning ride through the city, you have probably encountered drivers who aren't paying attention or don't give you the space and right-of-way you deserve.