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Dashboard cameras can help you after a car accident

As video cameras have become more precise, smaller and more affordable, people have begun integrating them into a number of locations to improve their safety, peace of mind and quality of life. One of the smartest places to put a camera is on the dashboard or rearview mirror of your vehicle. This ensures that you have accurate, indisputable footage of a traffic accident, should you become the victim of someone else's poor driving habits. If you are severely injured or need to go to court to recover your losses from the accident, the footage captured by your dashboard camera could be invaluable.

Of course, before submitting video as evidence, you would want to have it reviewed by your attorney. With the careful review and analysis of your personal injury attorney, however, that footage could save you heartache and financial woes.

Police do it, and so do cyclists

Police have cameras in their vehicles that record their encounters during traffic stops. Cyclists have taken to installing small cameras to capture footage of anyone who causes a car-bike accident, which can help identify people who try to leave the scene of an accident. It can also help to prove when someone doors a cyclist by opening a car door into traffic and unseating an oncoming cyclist. Installing a dash camera in your car can provide the same kind of peace of mind and evidence in the event of an accident. It can help show who was involved and who was at fault.

There are a wide variety of dashboard cameras available. Typically, they are semi-permanently mounted and wired into the vehicle's power supply to help with continual recording while the vehicle is being operated. You don't need to invest hundreds of dollars in a dashboard camera. However, you should make sure it is precise and high-resolution enough to capture license plate and other identifying information in a crash or other accident.

An attorney can help you after an accident

While no one wants to be litigious, you need to protect yourself after an accident, particularly if you sustained serious injuries. The best way to ensure that you recover any losses due to lost wages, medical bills and damage to your vehicle is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. An attorney can review the video of the crash, or your personal account of the accident, and help you determine what the next step should be.

Accidents are scary and can change your whole life in an instant. You deserve to have someone looking out for your best interests while you are recovering from your injuries. An attorney can advocate for you and help you recover losses sustained after an accident.

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