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New York personal injury case examples

Simon & Gilman has been representing the accident victims in Brooklyn, Queens, Elmhurst and other areas of the New York Metropolis for nearly 40 years. During the scope of our practice, Simon & Gilman attorneys have seen virtually every kind of personal injury case under the sun.

Here are some general examples of the types of cases and claims we handle regularly:

-- Traffic accidents: In the city, traffic accidents affect vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, commercial drivers, taxis, skateboarders and more. In most of these situations, it's quickly discernible who -- or what party -- was at fault in the incident. However, sometimes we use accident reconstruction experts, eyewitness accounts and public surveillance camera footage to piece together exactly what happened.

-- Premises liability accidents: These incidents, commonly called slip-and-fall accidents, are serious because they can leave their victims with broken bones, permanent disabilities and sometimes they're fatal. In a premises liability claim, the owner and/or manager of a building or property is liable for the injuries resulting from accidents due to maintenance, security and other failures on the premises.

-- Escalator and elevator accidents: In big cities like New York, elevators and escalators are everywhere. Although we usually take their safety for granted, these devices are a recipe for disaster when they're improperly maintained. Numerous injuries -- and even deaths -- happen throughout the United States each year due to maintenance and safety failures relating to escalators and elevators.

-- Defective products: When manufacturers and product designers fail to make consumer products -- like home goods, pharmaceuticals, foods, tools, machinery, exercise machines and other goods -- safe for the public, they can be held liable for the injuries that result.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, and you suspect that the accident was the fault of another party's negligence, Simon & Gilman is here to help. We will listen to your story and provide you advice about the feasibility of your potential claim for financial compensation in court.

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