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Should I get a camera for my bicycle?

If you're a bicyclist in the New York City area, you know how dangerous it can be to navigate traffic. Indeed, whether you ride your bike to work every morning, or just enjoy a Sunday morning ride through the city, you have probably encountered drivers who aren't paying attention or don't give you the space and right-of-way you deserve.

Due to the real dangers of being on a bike, and the fact that motor vehicle drivers are often in the wrong in bicycle-versus-car cases, some bicyclists are installing cameras on their bikes. Bike cameras can be set up to monitor traffic in front of you, traffic to the back of you and even more angles. Although having a bike camera might seem a little over the top, having a video recording of an accident you're involved in could prove essential in the event you're ever injured in a serious collision.

If you are considering the installation of a bike camera, here are a few things you'll want to consider:

-- Long battery life so you're not needing to recharge your cameras every day.

-- The ability to loop video, so that if memory gets full, it will loop over again.

-- Impact sensors that save video automatically after a crash happens and the bicyclist becomes seriously hurt.

-- Hardware that allows the camera to be removed and carried after the bike is parked.

-- Wide angle video that captures the biggest street view possible.

Bicyclists who have been injured in a car accident in New York know how valuable an extra set of eyes can be in their legal cases. However, having camera footage of your bike crash is by no means necessary. At Simon & Gilman, we have represented numerous injured bicyclists in New York and we have found that a lot of valuable information can be gleaned from eyewitness testimony, crash scene evidence, injuries and property damage following a crash.

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