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What will workers' comp cover after a construction accident?

No one plans to get hurt while working at a construction site. Most professionals in the construction industry take extra care to prevent accidents, falls and injuries. No matter how careful you are, however, it's possible for an injury to happen.

Whether you were in an accident with a machine, hit by falling debris or equipment, or fell yourself, the workers' compensation insurance program is there to help cover your medical expenses and lost wages. Regardless of whether you file taxes as an independent contractor or not, you should be eligible for workers' compensation coverage.

The state actually has specific rules in place to prevent employers from using independent contractor status as a way to avoid their obligation for workers' compensation insurance. The law essentially considers everyone who works in the construction industry an employee for the purposes of workers' compensation eligibility and coverage. Having an attorney help you present your case may be an important factor to success.

What benefits can you receive from workers' compensation insurance?

There is a broad range of benefits available to those injured at work. One of the most basic is the coverage of related medical expenses, including trauma care, surgeries and physical therapy. Lost wage coverage is another critical component of workers' compensation insurance. Those with severe injuries who may be unable to work for a length of time will receive a portion of their wages as they recover. It also provides payments for lost wages to surviving members of a worker's immediate family following a job site fatality.

Workers' compensation coverage can also pay for job training and education for those who must seek out a new career path following a serious injury. This is a critical component of rehabilitation. People who have been badly injured are often unable to return to physically demanding construction jobs. Training and education coverage help ensure they can find work that will provide them with a similar income and standard of living after their accident.

An attorney can help you access workers' compensation benefits

There are many reasons why it makes sense to retain the services of an experienced workers' compensation or personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help ensure that your application and claim are completed and submitted on time. If your employer tries to contest your claim, an attorney can help you document your injuries and present evidence to support your claim.

An attorney can also review the circumstances of your accident to see if your employer has any additional liability for what happened to you. In short, legal advocacy can help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve after a work accident.

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