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Did you get hurt in an elevator while shopping?

Living in the city means working, living and recreating in tall buildings - and that means you probably use elevators throughout the day. It's also likely you take the safety of those elevators for granted. It's rare that you hear of someone involved in an elevator-related accident, and even rarer that you hear of someone hurt or killed in an elevator incident. Nevertheless, these situations do happen.

Imagine for a second that you are texting on your cellphone while waiting for the elevator while shopping. The door opens, and you walk right in without looking. The thing is, a malfunction with the elevator caused the door to open up to an empty shaft and you fall. These situations can happen, rough elevator rides can happen, individuals can get crushed by elevator doors and moving elevators, as well as other circumstances.

Property owners are responsible for elevator safety

Elevators are essentially passenger vehicles that carry people from place to place. Because they're big and heavy and carry people, strict safety regulations apply to them. Also, property owners have a duty to maintain their elevators in safe working order.

You might think of an elevator as a vertically moving train used for public transit. Courts hold the owners of public buses or trains are held to a high standard of due diligence and care with regard to ensuring that these vehicles are safe. Courts may hold elevator operators and elevator owners to the same high standard of care following a serious injury caused by an elevator.

Pursuing financial claims after elevator injuries

Elevator injuries commonly happen when a sudden jerk causes a slip-and-fall event. Also, clothing, hands, fingers, feet and footwear may get trapped in the different moving parts of an elevator. If such an accident occurs, and it's determined that the elevator injury was the result of a poorly maintained elevator - the injured party may be able to seek financial compensation in court.

If you've suffered an elevator injury while shopping in New York, a personal injury attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your injuries to determine if you have a viable claim for damages.

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