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Minivan crushes man while shopping in a convenience store

A 37-year-old man was peacefully minding his own business while shopping between the aisles of a Bronx Mobile Mart when a freak accident changed everything. Raw surveillance video from inside the location depicts a minivan driving into the store, turning the aisles into dominoes.

In the video, the man is suddenly lost inside the food and packages as everything comes crashing down. Just a few seconds later, however, he comes out of the rubble, doubled over and holding his body where he was injured. The fact he survived is a real miracle.

Later, the injured man was treated by medics who soon arrived at the scene. Then he walked out of the store and hugged his family before paramedics transported him to a hospital close by. Thankfully, medical personnel say that he will recover from the injuries.

A 65-year-old woman who was behind the wheel of the minivan refused to exit the vehicle immediately following the collision. However, she was conscious and her passengers got out to shoo away passersby who had gathered to look at the accident scene. Although she was not seriously injured, emergency medical personnel took her to the hospital.

As of last reports, the store owner was still trying to assess the full extent of the damage to his store location. He said he wasn't sure how much everything would cost and it would require a professional evaluation.

When a freak accident caused by another person's negligence, unlawfulness or recklessness results in the injury of a New York resident, the injured person will have the law on his or her side. It is likely that the injured party can pursue a civil lawsuit for financial restitution and justice against the at-fault party in court.

Source: NBC New York, "Minivan Crashes Into Convenience Store in NYC, Hurting Customer Inside," Wale Aliyu, Feb. 20, 2017

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