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April 2017 Archives

The benefits of selecting a health care agent

An important estate planning document that New York residents should have on file is known as a "health care proxy." Your health care proxy is a document that allows another individual of your choosing to make health care related decisions on your behalf in the event that you're not able to do so yourself.

Avoid bicycle accidents by following the law

Bicyclists must follow specific laws when riding in New York City. These laws were created for a very important reason: to reduce the number of bicycle-related accidents and injuries. Let's take a look at some of the most important laws that bicyclists might not be aware of:

Have you been riding taxis without a seat belt?

A significant percentage of Americans use seat belts when they're in automobiles -- 87 percent to be exact. This is excellent news considering that 80 percent of people who die in motor vehicle accidents failed to buckle up. This statistic sadly changes when Americans get inside a taxi.

How can a DWI affect your employment?

When most New York residents worry about their drunk driving charges, they focus on the stiff fines, the revocation of driving privileges and increased insurance premiums that can result from conviction. However, there's another insidious result of a drunk driving charge that can follow conviction: the loss of job opportunities.

Escalators can be a source of serious injuries

Thanks to dramatic scenes in movies and television shows, most Americans are aware of the potential risk an elevator poses to its occupants. Far fewer people are aware of the danger an escalator poses to the public. Escalators are essentially stairs on a conveyor belt, and the fact that it continues moving unless manually stopped can result in serious injuries, even deaths.