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Have you been riding taxis without a seat belt?

A significant percentage of Americans use seat belts when they're in automobiles -- 87 percent to be exact. This is excellent news considering that 80 percent of people who die in motor vehicle accidents failed to buckle up. This statistic sadly changes when Americans get inside a taxi.

Fifty-seven percent of passengers don't use safety belts in taxis

Only 57 percent of New York taxi passengers use a seat belt on their own volition. Meanwhile, 46 percent of the taxi-riding non-seat belt-users choose to put one on when they're riding in their own vehicles. Considering the life-saving benefits of seat belts, the lack of use among taxi riders represents a serious safety concern.

One of the dangers relating to taxicabs in New York relates to the partition in taxis, which passengers can strike their heads against, even in minor accidents. The serious facial injuries -- like painful nose and cheek fractures -- caused by these incidents would be completely avoidable if seat belts were used.

How do you get passengers to use safety belts?

How do you convince a New York commuter to use a seat belt if he or she only plans to ride in the taxi for a couple of minutes? One way is through education, and showing people how badly they can get hurt. The other way is through changes to seat belt laws that would require backseat taxicab riders to use them.

Were you hurt while riding in a taxi?

New York residents hurt in taxi-related accidents can usually seek financial restitution from one of the drivers at fault for the crash and/or the taxi company. If you were hurt in a taxi accident, you can evaluate the strength of your potential lawsuit by reaching out to a qualified personal injury lawyer.

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