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How can a DWI affect your employment?

When most New York residents worry about their drunk driving charges, they focus on the stiff fines, the revocation of driving privileges and increased insurance premiums that can result from conviction. However, there's another insidious result of a drunk driving charge that can follow conviction: the loss of job opportunities.

Let's say you're driving home from a party one night and you had one too many beers to drink. You might have been just barely over the legal limit, but you got pulled over and you got arrested for DWI. That one mistake could cost you your entire career.

In the state of New York, employers can do a criminal background check on prospective new employees. They can also choose not to hire someone based on the results of that background check. If you have a DWI on your record, your prospective employer can also choose another applicant over you because of it.

A DWI on your record is even more damaging if you plan to work in a public government position, as it could automatically disqualify you. You'll also be denied a commercial driver's license, so if your choice of employment involves driving, you might be disqualified from employment eligibility.

Because of the potentially damaging career effects of a DWI conviction, New York residents accused of drunk driving may want to take their criminal defenses seriously. With the help of a qualified criminal defense lawyer, accused persons and formulate a criminal defense strategy to try and reduce the threat of conviction and/or the severity of punishments related to their charges.

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