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Just another day at the office: Injuries happen anywhere

The last place you probably thought you'd get hurt is at an office job, but the fact is that anyone can get hurt almost anywhere. All it takes is for some carpet to come loose, an outlet to spark or other hazards to put you at risk.

From accidental fires to trip-and-fall accidents, offices harbor a variety of risks. Here are a few sneaky hazards that could be in your office that you should attempt to avoid.

1. Trip-and-fall accidents

Did you notice that the door mat never quite lays down right? Maybe the carpet has started to lift on the office floors. Whatever you do, it's important to report that hazard. Even a small bump on the floor could become a hazard, making it more likely for you to trip and fall. If you trip, you could hit your head and suffer a traumatic brain injury, try to catch yourself and break your hands, arm or fingers or suffer other injuries.

2. Accidental fires

Fires can start almost anywhere, but offices have a number of places where they're possible. For example, a room with major electronic equipment could spark or catch on fire if it gets too hot or if they systems become overloaded. To prevent this, make sure to use good ventilation anywhere computerized systems or electrical machines are. This keeps the parts cooler and makes a fire less likely.

3. Electrocutions

You probably don't think about electrocutions taking place in an office, but it's possible. The office kitchen could have frayed wires on the electric tea kettle, or perhaps the outlets have become loose and spark when you plug in your charger. If you notice these hazards, speak up. The outlets and frayed lines need to be replaced.

4. Lacerations

Do you ever work with scissors, cutting machines (like paper cutters) or other sharp objects? It's possible to suffer cuts, scrapes and deep punctures from these everyday items. To avoid injury, make sure to use scissors when you're sitting, and always pay attention to where your fingers are when you're using a paper cutter.

Offices aren't the most dangerous places to work in most cases, but they do have their own special hazards. If you're hurt on the job, you have a right to seek out workers' compensation, so you can focus on your recovery and get the medical help you need.

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