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Does your car have the best headlights?

Nighttime driving is the most dangerous kind of driving. If you made the decision to never drive at night, and only operated your vehicle during daylight hours, you would significantly reduce your chances of being involved in a fatal or injurious crash. However, life isn't that simple, and we clearly have to drive in the evening just as much as we have to drive during the day.

So what's the solution to staying safe while driving at night? Get the best headlights money can buy. Having good lights will help you see what's in front of you, and even what's to the side of you with better visibility at night. They will also help other vehicles see you better. All this translates into the reduced likelihood of getting hurt in an accident.

Nevertheless, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), standard headlights installed on most vehicles are subpar, and they don't take advantage of the latest in light technology. The problem is, according to the chief researcher and executive vice president at IIHS, government regulations that apply to headlights have nearly stayed the same dating back to the 1960s. As such, motor vehicle manufacturers may not have a lot of incentives to include more expensive and better functioning lighting systems in their cars.

Fortunately, you can update the headlights that come standard in your vehicle by visiting your local auto shop or car dealership. Simply ask them what the best headlights for your vehicle are and have them installed. This simple action may cost you a little, but could save your life in the long run.

Drivers who cause accidents because they don't have their headlights turned on, or because they have a problem with their headlights, could be liable for the injuries and damages they cause. By speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer, people injured in headlight-related accidents can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their potential damage claims.

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