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How your estate plan will help you before you die

Most Queens estate planners will delay putting their estate plans together until the last possible moment. In fact, many Queens residents never create an estate plan, and they die without the most rudimentary of wills. Part of the reason for the delay might be due to procrastination, part of it might be because no one wants to think about his or her death and part of it might be because people wrongly assume that they, themselves, will not benefit from their estate plans.

The most important reason why you should create an estate plan is to make the time following your death as easy as possible for the loved ones you leave behind. However, your estate plan can offer you two important benefits as well. Those are:

-- Peace of mind: It can be very reassuring knowing that your relatives will benefit from your hard work and sacrifice. Also, knowing that your estate plans will be carried out to the letter following your death can be tremendously helpful to alleviate worries about what will come to pass with your estate.

-- A plan for if you become incapacitated: If you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself, you probably want a specific person to make medical and financial decisions for you. Rather than having a random family member assume this position over your affairs, you can name a power of attorney. This person, depending on the powers you give him or her, will be able to make decisions pertaining to your finances and medical care.

Are you ready to finally get your estate planning in order? A Queens estate planning lawyer can put your worries at ease by quickly putting together an estate plan to suit your unique situation needs.

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