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June 2017 Archives

Queens man's hand amputated at hospital after pneumonia diagnosis

A Queens resident held a press conference on Thursday, June 22, 2017, to announce that he has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Elmhurst Hospital. He alleges that, although he entered the hospital initially to be treated for a case of pneumonia, he ultimately walked out of the city-run facility with a hand amputation because of his caregiver's negligence.

4 child bicycle safety tips to remember this summer

It's officially summertime and that means your kids will be enjoying more time outside on their bicycles. That also means you'll want to have a talk with your kids to make sure they stay safe. When you have this talk, be sure to set down some rules that they should follow and explain why you're making them.

Everybody needs an advocate when they're incapacitated

A tragic health catastrophe can happen to you at any time. If your health problem is so severe that it leaves you incapacitated, you won't be able to make decisions for yourself, and someone else will need to take care of important details pertaining to your health care. This is where the New York Health Care Proxy Law comes into action to assist you -- that is, if you took appropriate action ahead of time.

Celebrity chef's family embroiled in dispute over mother's estate

It's sad when a family descends into arguments and disagreements over a deceased loved one's estate. This is why New York residents need to take great care when writing and updating a will. A will needs to be written the right way, so it holds up to being challenged in court.

When criminal negligence leads to death and injury on the job

New York hardhats risk their lives every day on the job. You might be climbing to the top of a skyscraper to install a window on a precarious ledge. You might be working in a construction zone where a falling tool or piece of machinery could strike you without a moment's notice. The list of potential dangers at the average construction site is literally endless.

Common construction accident injuries

Construction accidents happen in so many ways in Queens. A worker might fall off a faulty ladder, a hardhat might get burned by a piece of hot machinery, a painter might slip after paint gets spilled in his work area, or a drywall installer might fall off an unfinished third story. Accidents can happen in an unlimited variety of circumstances.