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4 child bicycle safety tips to remember this summer

It's officially summertime and that means your kids will be enjoying more time outside on their bicycles. That also means you'll want to have a talk with your kids to make sure they stay safe. When you have this talk, be sure to set down some rules that they should follow and explain why you're making them.

Four child bicycle safety tips every kids should follow:

-- Always wear a helmet: Wearing a helmet will prevent a lot of serious injuries and deaths. To further drive home the point to your child, try mentioning that he or she would probably rather look a little bit "dorky" if it will prevent the chance of not becoming disabled.

-- Dress appropriately: Kids should wear bright tops to ensure that they are visible. Wide-leg pants and skirts should be avoided because they can become tangled in the bike chain. Never ride a bike with sandals, bare feet or flip-flops. Always wear closed-toed shoes.

-- Use reflectors and lights on your bike: These items, even during the daytime, will make your child's bicycle more visible to cars that could potentially hit them.

-- Always ride on the right side of the road: Sidewalks and bike paths are the best places to ride your bike. However, if no path is available, riding on the right side of the road, and following the direction of traffic is best.

-- Young riders need to ride with adults: Small children should not be allowed to ride their bikes alone without adult supervision. Adults should always model good and safe bicycle riding.

If you or your child was hurt in a New York bicycle versus car accident, you might want to investigate whether you can pursue financial claims to pay for the costs of your medical care. If successfully navigated, such a claim could also bring the plaintiff other types of compensation.

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