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Common construction accident injuries

Construction accidents happen in so many ways in Queens. A worker might fall off a faulty ladder, a hardhat might get burned by a piece of hot machinery, a painter might slip after paint gets spilled in his work area, or a drywall installer might fall off an unfinished third story. Accidents can happen in an unlimited variety of circumstances.

As a personal injury and workers' compensation law firm that regularly represents construction workers, at Simon & Gilman, we have seen numerous kinds of injuries. Here are some of the most common construction accident injury types we've encountered:

-- Digit amputation: If a finger or toe get smashed or seriously cut, it may require amputation. In less common scenarios, a worker might require his or her entire limb to be amputated.

-- Broken bones: After a fall, or after something falls on a worker, a broken bone is a common injury.

-- Burns: Whether it happens by way of electrocution, chemical exposure or fire, there are many hazards on a Queens construction site that can result in burn injuries.

-- Lacerations and cuts: An exposed nail, a wayward piece of cutting machinery, and all kinds of hand tools can leave a worker with a serious cut or laceration.

-- Eye injuries: Many New York City hard hats have lost their sight as a result of a serious construction accident.

Were you injured at a construction site in Queens? You might be able to pursue a workers' compensation claim to get money to pay for your medical care. You might also, in some circumstances, be able to seek third-party personal injury claims to recoup additional financial damages you have incurred.

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