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Yes, you could suffer an injury when shopping

When you visit a shopping mall, grocery store or any other type of retail establishment, the last thing you are thinking about is suffering an injury.

Unfortunately, many people suffer injuries every year when shopping.

Here are some of the most common types of shopping injuries:

-- Slip-and-fall. There are many reasons why this could happen, including wet floors and torn carpets. It can be difficult to watch every step you take, which is why slip-and-fall accidents continue to remain a major problem in all types of retail environments.

-- Head injuries. There are times when objects fall from height in a retail store. For example, products are often stacked from the ground to the ceiling in an attempt to conserve space. If something falls from above, it could hit a person (or people) shopping below.

-- Shopping cart injuries. When you look at a shopping cart, it's hard to imagine how this could cause harm. However, this happens from time to time, such as if a cart tips over.

-- Parking lot injuries. Not all parking lots are in good working condition. Instead, some have a poor design or defects. Along with this, if snow or ice builds up in a parking lot, it can be a slip hazard.

-- Overcrowding. When too many people are in one store at the same time, it can lead to panic and trampling. This is most common during busy times of the year, such as Black Friday or the days around the Christmas holiday.

If you ever suffer an injury when shopping, you should first turn your attention to receiving immediate medical treatment. This is an absolute must.

From there, learn more about what caused the accident. If possible, you may want to take photos immediately following your injury, as these can come in handy when seeking compensation.

By working closely with a personal injury attorney, you can better understand your legal rights. Your legal team can review your accident, collect evidence and help you formulate your case. As you focus on recovering from your injuries, you can rely on your attorney to work on your behalf to help collect as much compensation as possible.

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