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July 2017 Archives

Use these tips to save your back while lifting

Can you think of a day where you did not lift even a single item? Probably not. Think about all the different things you lift while on a job site. From heavy bags of cement mix for smaller jobs to almost too-big-to-handle building materials and even your tool belt, you are continuously lifting objects throughout your workday.

A 4-car crash claims the lives of 2, injures 7 in Queens

A multi-car crash, which occurred near the intersection of Queen's Grand Central Parkway and 188 St., claimed the lives of two and injured as many as seven on Sunday, July 16, 2017. The Jamaica Estates accident, which occurred just after 6:30 a.m., is believed to have been caused by a 33-year-old suspected drunk driver from New Jersey, a man that police took into custody at the crash scene.

Bitten by a dog? Here's 3 steps to take immediately

Anyone can get hurt, even if they're only sitting around outside. The truth is that there are many hazards in the world, one of which is found in many homes around America. That particular hazard is man's best friend, the dog. While the majority of pet dogs are friendly and loving, that doesn't mean that they all are. That's a problem, especially if one gets loose.

Same-sex couples and their rights in the estate planning process

While many couples rely on estate planning as a way to ensure that one spouse's assets will end up in the other's possession upon their death, same-sex couples are unfortunately not afforded those same guarantees. Despite marriage equality laws that have been implemented in recent years, the transfer of one spouse's estate to their same-sex partner requires the advance signing of directives to ensure that it proceeds smoothly.

Queens residents sue Metro Transit Authority for lead paint risk

A small group of Queens residents filed a class action lawsuit on Monday, May 22, 2017 against the New York Metro Transit Authority (MTA). They allege that the commuter rail system has repeatedly failed to protect residents and business people from being showered with specs of lead paint as they walk under the MTA's 7 line railway as they move about their Jackson Heights neighborhood.