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Bitten by a dog? Here's 3 steps to take immediately

Anyone can get hurt, even if they're only sitting around outside. The truth is that there are many hazards in the world, one of which is found in many homes around America. That particular hazard is man's best friend, the dog. While the majority of pet dogs are friendly and loving, that doesn't mean that they all are. That's a problem, especially if one gets loose.

Imagine standing in your yard one minute, watering your flowers and minding your own business. The next minute, you're fighting off a large dog that decided you were threatening because of the hose your were holding. You didn't do anything to provoke an attack. The dog simply felt threatened.

In cases like this, there are many steps you need to take as soon as possible. Here are three.

1. Call for help

The first step is to call for help. If you're by yourself, try to lay down on your side and cover your head, face and ears until the attack subsides. If someone is able to get the dog off you or you are able to escape, call 911 immediately for help. Your dog bite injuries could be substantial, ranging from small bites and puncture wounds to broken bones and excessive bleeding.

2. Catch the dog

If it's possible, capture the dog or find out which way it's heading. Animal control or the police may be able to help find and capture the dog, so that it can be tested for serious diseases and the owner can be identified.

3. Keep track of your medical documents

If the owner is found, he or she will be held liable for your injuries. You should keep your medical records and any police reports you have about the incident, so you can make a claim.

Dog attacks are common in the summer when more people are out and about. Take these steps if you're injured, so you can get the care you need as soon as possible.

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