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An unlicensed SUV driver strikes 2 pedestrians in Queens

A motorist crashed into two pedestrians in the early afternoon hours on Monday, Aug. 28 as they moved about a sidewalk in Queens. The driver of an SUV reportedly lost control of his vehicle as he drove along College Point Boulevard before riding up on the curb of the roadway shortly before 1:30 p.m.

Surveillance video, obtained by police from the crash scene, shows the Honda Pilot jumping the curb before colliding with a woman walking along the adjoining sidewalk. Despite having knocked the woman to the ground, the driver continues moving forward. Although dazed, the woman got up and could be seen limping away from where she was struck.

Once paramedics arrived on the scene, she was carried on a stretcher to an awaiting ambulance. She was later admitted to the hospital in serious condition.

Soon thereafter, video footage shows the SUV driver crashing into the storefront of a deli followed by a nail salon. It's in the doorway of those two stops that a man, riding on his motorized scooter, is struck. He ended up being pushed at least 20 feet when struck by the SUV's driver.

Luckily, the motorized scooter operator was almost completely inside the nail shop when the car struck him. His back was turned to the SUV at the time. The force of the crash simply pushed him inside the store and forced the door shut behind him. Had the collision happened any sooner, he reportedly said he believed he would have died.

As for the 23-year-old driver of the SUV, police questioned him then placed him under arrest at the crash scene. He has since been charged with driving without a license, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

Accidents resulting in serious injuries happen on a daily basis across New York City. While drunk and distracted driving are the primary causes of many of them, reckless driving follows not too far behind. If you've been seriously hurt in a crash, then a Queens motor vehicle accident attorney may advise you of your right to sue the negligent driver in your case.

Source: NBC 4 New York, "Man in motorized scooter hit as SUV jumps curb, running down woman and smashing into Queens storefront," Checkey Beckford, Aug. 28, 2017

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