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October 2017 Archives

A 20-year-old is struck, killed along the Long Island Expressway

A 20-year-old Queens resident was struck by a Jeep Liberty while standing outside of his Honda Accord early in the morning on Wednesday, Oct. 25th. The collision occurred just before 12:05 a.m., shortly after witnesses reported having seen the man pull over into the shoulder of Clearview Expressway. He'd been driving in the direction of Long Island at the time.

Construction worker trapped under Bobcat machine in Queens

A construction worker suffered critical injuries when a Bobcat machine fell, crushing the man beneath it on Friday, Sept. 22 in Queens. The incident happened just before 1:45 p.m., at the intersection of 46th Street and Northern Boulevard. Signs at the Sunnyside construction site show that a ventilation facility for the New York City subway system is being erected at the location where the incident occurred.

Take steps to avoid any contest to your last wills and estates

A contested last will is a nightmare. It can drag an estate through probate, taking months and resulting in thousands of dollars going to court costs and other fees. For the testator, the person who created the will, having those last wishes contested in court is a final insult. Generally, if you take the time to create an estate plan or a last will, you do it because you want to see your assets divided a certain way.

A charter bus driver crashes into a Queens city bus, killing 3

A Queens charter bus driver, who had been previously fired from his job as a driver for New York City's Metro system, crashed into one of his former employer's buses on Monday, Sept. 18. That collision killed two and injured more than a dozen others.

Uneven sidewalks could result in major injury or even death

When people think of premises liability in New York, they often think of slip-and-fall accidents or cases of falling ice from tall buildings. One aspects that receives far less attention is the liability associated with sidewalks and their proper maintenance. A lot of people assume that sidewalks are the responsibility of the city, but that is only partially true.

What is a health care proxy and what are the benefits of it?

In New York, under the state's Health Care Proxy Law, you can appoint to have someone else make medical decisions for you if you become unable to do so yourself. There are generally two situations in which that individual may be called upon to make decisions about your medical care.