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3 tips for working with heavy construction equipment

If you are new to the construction industry in Elmhurst, you may have heard about all the various dangers construction workers face. Yet, you may not be familiar with all the safety tips that you need. In general, construction sites are filled with hazards. On a daily basis, you will face electrocution, the threat of falling objects, dangers from heavy equipment or even trench collapses.

While receiving a steady paycheck is probably your number one priority while on the job, your safety should actually come first. Even if you have been through several safety courses in dealing with heavy equipment, remember the following safety tips the next time you are on the job.

Operating heavy equipment

Before you hop in a forklift or some other piece of large equipment, take moment to check your boots and gloves. Be sure your shoes are free of debris and that your gloves have a strong grip. Also, when you are entering or exiting this kind of equipment, use the three-point rule. Make sure the hand and footholds you use are large enough for you to grip or stand on comfortably.

Loading and unloading

If you are loading or unloading a piece of machinery, you can risk tipping it over, even on level ground. Stay centered on the ramps and keep everything straight. Also, be sure you have enough room to maneuver the machine, especially after it has a full load. You may want to consider using a spotter to help you clear any obstacles while the machine is in motion. In addition, be sure to use proper tie- downs so that you do not lose your load while in transit.

Keep the work area clear

Not only should you make sure that your work area is free of obstructions, you should also make sure it's clear of people. Anyone that is not actively helping your endeavor, such as a spotter, should not be in the vicinity while you are operating or moving heavy equipment.

If you work in construction and operate heavy machinery, the above tips can help you stay safer. Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the safety protocols, it is still sometimes impossible to avoid an accident. If you suffered a construction site injury, you might be able to file a claim for your medical expenses and lost wages.

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