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February 2018 Archives

An 8-year-old suffers a head injury at a Queens construction site

Construction debris fell atop of a 8-year-old girl as she was walking through her Jackson Heights, Queens neighborhood with her mom and brother at about 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 23. The building, outside of which the incident occurred, is located on 35th Avenue right near 84th Street.

Building collapse: A serious risk to construction workers

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration lists four of the biggest risks to construction workers, which it calls the "fatal four." Few people will feel surprised to learn that falls are the biggest risk, responsible for nearly 39 percent of construction in 2016. Getting struck by an object, such as falling materials or electrocutions, are also major risks.

4 times you need to update your estate plan

If you do not already have an estate plan, it is past time to start the process, but never too late. However, if you do already have an estate plan, you may need to update it. Wills and other estate planning tools need periodic updates in order to continue to be relevant.

Steps you must take to avoid slipping and falling on icy surfaces

Many of us who live in areas that have a significant amount of annual snowfall think of ourselves as experts at navigating icy sidewalks. Few of us stop to think about how our risk of falling increases as we age, have an injury that impacts our gait, are in a hurry or other factors. Each of these makes us more prone to slips and falls.

What is a loss of consortium claim?

Loss of consortium is a legal term used to describe a specific type of damages suffered by the spouses of personal injury plaintiffs. Essentially, loss of consortium works like this: An individual suffers a catastrophic an debilitating injury, which indirectly causes injury to his or her spouse due to the loss of the various benefits received through marriage.

A trucker strikes, kills a Brooklyn teen out riding his bike

A 13-year-old Brooklyn boy was struck and killed by a passing oil truck while out riding his bike in the borough's Bedbord-Stuyvestant neighborhood on Saturday, Jan. 27. The fatal crash took place at the intersection of Jefferson or Lewis Avenues right before 6 p.m.