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March 2018 Archives

Factors to consider when setting up a special needs trust

If you take care of someone with special needs, then it's important for you to start thinking about how you'd like him or her to be taken care of in the future if something were to happen to you. It's particularly important that if he or she either plans to or is already receiving government benefits, that a special needs trust (SNT) be set up to ensure that can happen.

Pool owners are responsible to keep their guests safe

As the winter weather begins to thaw, swimming pools and the enormous amount of fun they bring begin to enter our radars in New York. However, pools also present real dangers to visiting guests. Regardless of whether the pool is being used at any given moment, the owners of pools need to take precautions to keep visitors safe. The negligence of owners to take necessary safety precautions is not only an error in judgment, it's unlawful and will open up the pool owner to liability issues in the event of a serious accident.